Return To Bratislava by James Pollak

My Slovakian roots have always been something I've recognised with interest but never explored deeply enough.

My Dad having visited England when he was 18, with limited grasp of the English language nor money, found himself rooted here following the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968. He has not returned since.

This was therefore my first time travelling to Bratislava, Slovakia to spend some time absorbing and understanding my roots, alongside some memorable exploration. I decided to push myself to take a lot more analogue photography, for which a lot of these series of photos are a result. This is my uncle Tobir, who I was blessed to share some time and stories with along the journey. The full set of images is on the website now.

The Great Ocean Road by James Pollak

I certainly couldn't have left Australia without having taken a trip along the Great Ocean Road. It's so difficult to give the sites along the journey enough justice through a camera lens and with only enough time to skim the surface of such beautiful places, each spot was taken to heart as much as possible before it was on to the next. Truly some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. 

Byron Bay by James Pollak

Sydney Markets by James Pollak

Australia on Film by James Pollak

Melbourne Markets by James Pollak

There's something entirely satisfying about wandering through markets with a camera in hand. Not only is it a great opportunity for street photography but it's the perfect way to wrap yourself in any cities wealth of diversity and character. Wandering through the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne certainly provided all of the above.